OffersForShoppers one of the first web2.0 online portal which gives you a lot !!
Again mainly for Bangalore and will be covering rest of India sooooon!! is the first company to bring online,Bangalore deals and Bangalore discount coupons.
With the help of this service, consumers can search and explore all the options available in city before actually going to a shop and making a purchase.

What is this all about??
Well you can get huge discounts coupons as an sms to your cell and when you make a purchase just flash the sms and you get discount!!!!!
Sounds real fun!!
Well though this is still a initial stage and they don't of much common things to offer but you can ask for anything and they will get you they codes!!
Just not that... If you are not able to access net and are on shopping, Call/sms offersforshoppers and they will provide you with coupon on the move!!

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Also if your not able to understand anything out of it..

But you want a discount coupon n I will personally search it and message you back..
Mail me your quires at:
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