Live Traffic Details on Net!!

Next time you want to speed up somewhere...
And are scared of the Terrific Traffic on some street!
Take a moment and visit these sites...
Now you are assured of choosing the Best alternate Lane!!

Here are a list of sites to be checked before you leave your place!!
Also these don't only give the Live Traffic details but the road maps provided by them are really awesome !!!

Currently only Metros are covered!! :(

Anywayz... Here are some site... All really helpful (Really much helpful than Google Earth)

For Bangalore
For Hyderabad
For Chennai
For Delhi
Apart from the above one you can also have a look at RouteGuru still in beta stage but the concept is awesome..This site will send you a sms which will have the full route of the place you selected!!!

All these are brought to you by MapUnity, Thanx MapUnity!