Jaxtr - Calls to world made free !

Though most of you know about Jaxtr.. This for those who don't!! :)

Do you want to talk to your friends/relatives living apart in different parts
of world for free?

Then jaxtr is the solution!!

+ What is jaxtr?
Jaxtr links your phone to the web, so you can hear from callers
worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private.
+ It works with any phone you already use,
including ordinary landline phones. No download required.

Basically how it works!

Well when you register...
A account with a link of your Name will be provided to you!
[Eg. jaxtr.com/Abhishekie <== this is link to call me free]

Now if your frnds go here and enter there fone no.
Jaxtr will call him and then connect you to him..
In this way no one incures anything and you can talk for free!!!!!

If you want a Live Demo try calling me for free.. Click here to call me free!

Also more about this at Jaxtr