Airtel presents SMS2.0 Now make your SMSs come to life, for free

What is SMS2.0 ?
Why go for SMS2.0 ?

I think this will help ya...

+ SMS2.0 is an improved version of SMS .
+ Downloading SMS2.0. It is a free upgrade.

+ Using SMS2.0. It is for free use.
+ Content that is shown to you through teasers and full screens. All content is free .
+ Browsing the content
+ SMS charges are the same. No extra charge. Your SMS subscription will not change.

+ There are no charges for the Internet data used by SMS2.0 to download the teaser and full screen content that you see.
+ Cost of sending SMS is the same as before.

+ There are no charges for the content displayed to you.

All content is free.
Now do you any thing more for free!!!

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