Fiama Di Wills : Send a free Fiama Di Wills gift voucher to yourself or any of your friends or family members – Courtesy Fiama Di Wills’ Mission Beautiful Hair.

Ritika, one of blog reader got this hamper and shared it on our orkut community, Also mainly Manish found the link to the site where we could gift the hamper. So, guys thanks to both of you. Others do not miss the power of our orkut community – Join now! :)

So, how you can get the voucher :

1) Go to

2) Click on Gift a Hamper

3) Add your details and the person whome you want to send the gift hamper.

4) The other person gets a mail and then they have to provide their details.

5) Once they give the address. Wait begins! :)

I just did it for my sister, and hope to surprise her! :D

Go ahead guys, and do not forget to comment your thanks to the fellow readers who share such stuff with us! :D SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel