amulyam Amulyam : This is a new concept which I personally feel will go a long way and will be really successful. I can say this because this is similar to mginger or rupeemail, which people didn’t join before but now the are really BIG players in rewarding. Amulyam is similar site which will reward its user when they complete a task over their site. They will just pass on a part of benefit they will receive from the advertiser to you and hence, we get freebies for just doing it through this site.

Most of time, you click on some advertiser sites and join those sites or completer the offer and hence the website owner is paid. Amulyam believes the credit should also be passed on to you and so this site is a linking between Advertiser and we guys!

This site is just developing and they do not have any task now, but its takes just minutes to join and if we join in large no. Advertiser will be interested in them and they will in turn reward us. So, guys join now – Click here…. SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel Facebook fan Page freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates