Hey can you spend one to one and hour to play Online Games ?
If you can then play 40 Games on Zapak and get Rs.100 Voucher!! Sounds Interesting ??

Well yes Zapak has introduced this contest (ATM Contest) where you can sure win!!
But if you can play more you are eligible for getting 200 to 500Rs. Vouchers!!! This is really cool! you can choose to play from over 500+ Games and sure to win !!

The disadvantage is all games to be played in a day, i.e, if you are not able to complete all games you will loose all your points and have to start freshly from next day :(

This is the snapshot of that contest page !!

Now just try playing and you are sure to win !!

More info about this at this page!

Also hey please come and reply back after you get some prize!
So other readers can get to know what is best to do !!