Hey thanx for all your responses..
Let me make few things clear..

1) Please don't copy and paste offers from other blogs!
2) Also the offers such posted are not included by me here as I don't feel it will help us at large!
3) I love ubuntu and don't want them to spend a lot on us for sending the free OS, as most of us wont be able to understand how to operate it.. and hence haven't added the post here (Sorry for that krunalsat)
4) Please go here to see all the offers posted by the readers...
5) Now its a tuff job for me to decided whom to give the voucher..!!!

And not to forget..
You guys have a lot of offers/discount with you but dont share the same, unless I give something as reward, thats really bad of you all :(
"Please Share..." [Batanese he Pyaar Badtha he...]