This would not be a new post for most of you, as Chikka was started long ago an most of us know about it..
Anyways this is for those who don't know about it!!

Chikka is a sms messenger, You can send a long msg of 360 characters to any cell for free!!
In India Chikka has a tie up with Indiatimes and by downloading their messenger you can send free sms to any cell in India and also to other countries!
This is all about the direct method by entering phone no.
Now this is a lil' tweak, you can also send sms to anyone in the world from your Google messenger!!
All you need to do is add his no. into your contacts and see the fun!
Add no. in this format:
[CountryCode][MobileNumber] (e.g.

For more info and to download messenger go to Chikka main page or to Chikka's India Page!