InkfruitInkfruit is a well know brand in Tees and Accessories Market. In case you did not know, it is one of the largest tee store online which is just not a store but a community. I am telling this as a community coz – Members can design, rate, comment and ya even buy these vast collection of designs from the store. This store is a true example of Indian constitutional right, Designs by the people for the people and then Buy the people! :P

I know people who are crazy fans of Inkfruit and seeing them – I talked to inkfruit guys to get us some discount and ya, they are always ready to help and even agreed for my request – Thanks guys, really like the way you work and responded for my calls!! :)

Finally, check out their collection on there stores and you will surely be astonished, I am not advertising them but its just a real plan fact people know. And guess what in case you like some product and think of buying it, do not forget to use coupon code “freeGyaan” for a whopping 20% discount. Now that’s a reward for being part of freeGyaan! :)

A little more about Inkfruit : Inkfruit is continuously developing new things for us in their inkfruitlabs [Check out their latest products here..] And surely they come up with new contest everytime so we can present our talent in form of creating tee and similar stuff. Well we all know that, so got ot and happy shopping! :)

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