[5]&k=postJust landed on this cool site, which rewards for playing online Card Games. I have seen my friends playing online card game on facebook and orkut and are damn addicted to them. This is a game for all those you play there without getting rewarded, play here and you will win for sure. I am not a master in this game, but the first match (practice) I played - I won!

Game24x7 has three section :

1) Earn free section : Based on first come first serve basis. Be a early bird and join the tournament to win free cash. (If you win!)

2) Practice Section : You can practice matches and earn eligibility to play at earn free section.

3) Elite Section : This one is for more hardcore players who are addicted and sure to win, pay for your membership and count the bucks every evening!

Important : I myself was against these online card games which is regarded as evil in the society, but then I feel this is just a game and you may win for playing, also Supreme Court has regarded this game as not gamble but using skill to earn and hence it is LEGAL in INDIA. (READ THIS)

So, go ahead try this once. If interested play and win and if do not understand contact their customer support or forget it all together. So go ahead and try you luck on Games24x7 - Click here!

UPDATE : Games24x7 have started Diwali Tournament and is giving Rs.1 Lakh in cash prizes, so looks like its best time to start winning. CLICK HERE!

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