is yet another online shop for electronic products and has products from all major brands. You can compare and chose the best product from their store, though all the products are high end stuff costing a lot, but if you want some low priced articles this Rs.250 voucher will help your pockets a lot.

Everyone who register on their site is eligible to get a voucher valid for a month, and which has a discount of Rs.250 for a minimum purchase of Rs.1000.

I myself registered on this website and received the gift coupon but it took a week to get this voucher, I dunno what took them so long to send this voucher – Also the mail was addressed to some other person but I checked the voucher code and it was working fine.

So, if interested in purchasing something at – Register and get the discount!

P.S : I have a voucher with myself and I am not using it, if anyone do not receive the voucher within time and you are looking to buy something, write to me and I will send you my voucher. Mail me at Abhishek [at]

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