Disclaimer : Before, I tell anything, let me tell you that I have not tried chatting to a Doctor at this. But this is believed to be an good portal with many Good Doctors for 24hrs live!

HealthcareMagic is an online portal where you can chat with Doctors and consult for all your medical problems sitting at your home or office. They will collect all your data and analyze it and tell you the appropriate steps to be taken. You can even call them at their care center. This portal has some of the Best Docs sitting across to answer your queries and yes obviously you have to pay them!

There are various plans of chat session ranging from 24hrs to 365 days, I guess you try out with 24hrs which will cost you Rs.74 after applying the discount coupon. So, here is a discount coupon, which will get you 25% off for your chat session > " MED374 "

Also, if you try this. Please share your reviews with us, so we can look forward to join it or just to forget it.

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