As, I am not finding much offers now a days and even you guys are not helping me find any offers, let me share few site which gives free prints on registration. Most of you know these sites but there are few more added to the list and are giving more freebie so do have a look.

Konica is now online. Konica is our very own Indian which we see all around the places in now online and is giving 25 free prints for registration. And guess what if you are among select place, you can collect your snaps from their stores and not even pay for the postage charges. Click here.. is giving 10prints of 5″ *3.5″ for registering. This site has one of the lowestest price in photo printing of just Rs.2.50. Check it now.

Snapgalaxy is again giving 10 free prints for signing up. Even it has printing charges of Rs.2.99 which is low amongst competitors. Do check it out here..

Snapfish is a brand from HP, a trusted name in printing machines. Even they are giving first 10 prints for free. Go here..

PicSquare not only gives first 10 free prints but also a key chain for free. For more check out there website here.

itasveer, a unique name which I love. Even they are giving first 10prints for free. Just check out itasveer here..

Then there are many more but are not offering any freebie now like Zoomin and GKVale etc.

Important : All the above prints are free but the Delivery charges are not included and you will be charges anything between Rs.25 to Rs.50 depending upon the website. I suggest you go with Konica as you can get 25 prints free if you collect yourself of you pay just Rs.25 for 25 prints as delivery charges.


Please let me know, shall I compile such websites for your reference untill I get any freebie to share, I mean I can compile a list of free sms sites or anything as such. Do let me know if you want any in specific and I shall search and get you the best results.


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