a web18 venture which deals with portfolio management and related stuff has started a contest wherein if your guess for closing figure of Sensex is right, you may win upto Rs.64000 or even if your 1 digit matches get Rs.1000!
The Prize are distributed in this manner:
Guess the day's exact Sensex closing figure right down to the decimal to win the jackpot amount of Rs 64,000!Even if your guess is not correct, you can still win prize money. You win:
Rs. 1000* if the last digit is correct
Rs. 2000* if the last 2 digits are correct
Rs. 4000* if the last 3 digits are correct
Rs. 8000* if the last 4 digits are correct
Rs. 16000* if the last 5 digits are correct
Rs. 32000* if the last 6 digits are correct

Important: There is a negative part to it, that is you cannot redeem up till you have Rs.10000 in your kitty! More info is here, Click on..!

Anyways if you are good at guessing and if your luck is good you may win,and if you win don't forgot to get me Coffee by donating something through Paypal (Click on Donate button at top-right hand side)

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