IndiaPlaza is running a campaign Online Shopping Festival wherein you can be assured of getting a assured gift through a scratch card on purchase worth Rs.5000 or more till 31st December and your eligible for the lucky coupon..
The gift prize include any of the fallowing:
1) Rs.5000 cash
2) Fuel Gift Voucher worth Rs.5000/-

3) Jewelery Gift Voucher worth Rs.5000/-

4) Holiday Voucher for 2. (Click here for list of Destinations)

Anyways we all know what we'll get as prize unless your really lucky, if not for sure end up getting Holiday voucher, I guess I'll change the post name - "Shop for Rs.5000 and get an assured Holiday Voucher" - Hey that was a pun and who knows what IndiaPlaza has in store for you! :)
For more details click here and more importantly for terms and conditions click here...
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