Hey I am not finding any good offers which can be blogged about, but just have these which may come handy some time in future.. Well just want to share few offer coupons available on Net over various brands of Pizzas.
Offers are:
1) Buy Medium Pizza and second one for Rs.50 at PizzaHut
2) Garlic Bread and Coke for Rs.49 only* at PizzaHut
3) Garlic 2 Garlic Bread and Coke for Rs.95 only*at PizzaHut
4) A few offers from Dominos (Need PDF reader to see the offers)
5) PizzaHut and Baskin Robin's Combo offer..

Also are here offers which were refered by Aniruddh,thanks for that!
Please guys do refer some notable offers to be posted here..