Zapak is here once again giving a lot of freebies i.e, assured Rs.250 GV if you answer simple 5 cricket centric questions, and not only that - you also get a chance to get into a lottery where you may get upto Rs.4999! Zapak has previously also given a lot of gifts to promote its brand by various offers here...

Now get playing the game or call it quiz and win big, to get to the contest and answer 5 question click here..

Terms and Condition: To read all the terms and condition click here..
One important condition was : " The winners will each be entitled to ONE out of the gifts mentioned on the contest page, subject to applicable terms and conditions." and I am not able to understand what does this mean...?
Anyways keep playing and winning while Zapak promotes its group!!
[This offer was reffered to me by long time ago by Varun Garg (his Blog) but due to time constraint I was not able to update blog.. Thank Varun once again!]