Future Bazaar and Giftmate are providing a voucher for half price like before...
But this time in a secret way..
This offer is not available on net but has been shared by one of our readers..
This time there are only two voucher for you, ie of Rs.250 and Rs.500.
NOTE: Offer is only between 25th June, 2008 to 30th June, 2008, so act fast..!

Important Terms :
+ The voucher purchased under this offer is valid till June 30th, 2008 and must be redeemed until then. No credit or validity extensions shall be given for unredeemed vouchers.
+ This offer is valid for the first 2500 customers.
+ Each customer is eligible for the offer only once during the promotion period hence eligible for only one voucher.
By all means this is a complicated situation, but one can avail some benefit out of it,use your sense while making a purchase or for clarity get to the customer care, as I am really confused with the terms stated in..
Anyways to know more on this offer and to purchase the voucher at half price go here..