Hey I assure you of getting Rs.750 Giftmate voucher !!
All you need to do is spend 5 mins of your time on playing Zapak Games!!
Yes this is the Zapak Cash League which is n from many days and is going to end this month..
Now we have 8 days and you can win Rs.750 Giftmate voucher for sure..!

How it works :
Zapak give you 2 points for playing each game and Rs.100 voucher for 20 points,that is 10 games..
But I have found 5 such games which gives you 4 points and the games are really small which you can finish of in 5 mins!!
So register on to zapak and play these 5 games daily up to 30th June and get yourself Rs.750 Giftmate voucher (Because Zapak don't give a prize of more value than Rs.750 to a player)

Here below are the games, click on and play :)
1) Basket Ball
2) Avoid Resposibility
3) Pig Blast
4) Caravan Toss
5) Chomper

You can even play more and win more but remember you wont be given more than Rs.750 so this five games for the last few days and the voucher is yours!
Please do comment did these findings of more point giving games help you earn faster!