Panel Station, looks like is the best among the Survey sites found till now. Many have got a lot of freebies and stuff which they shared on orkut community and on facebook fan page.

Not much of know about this [including me] and so I thought of blogging about it. Surely we get a lot of stuffs from it. I just saw about this on Gautams blog, and he has shared that he has received tons of c.ds and they have redemption option like Itz Cash Card, Zip Cash.

Basically, I got a idea that Panel Station sends a lot of stuff for small surveys. So joining this now would be the best possible thing to do.

Here are the images of what Gautam received and what he has shared on his blog, I hope he would not mind me using these images without his permission.

To join : This site does not have direct registration, and you will have to get invited. So, just shoot me a mail and I will send you an invitation to join this site. But before anything if you want to know more about it just check

So guys go ahead and shoot me a mail at Abhishek [at] :)

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