Yes it is true, you can get free bucks for signing up. Remember I blogged about GETPAIDTO where most of us got free $0.50 for just signing up, here are two similar site which will give you free $.50 for sign up.

In total you can get $ 1.75 and this is how..

1) Getpaidto : Check my previous post here, if you have not asked for those $.50 sign up bonus, once you get your $0.50 which is instantaneous, go for coupons section and redeem this coupon downtime517 which will give you $0.25 more. So you get $0.75 in total from this site.

2) Greedyclicks : Go to Greedyclicks, register your self and ask for a payout. You get $0.50 for sign up and you can redeem instantly. So go ahead sign up and redeem.

3) FreeBucksSite : Go to FreeBucksSite, register and use coupon SIGNUPBONUS to get free $0.50 and then redeem it to get your payments.

Important : GIVE YOUR PAYPAL DETAILS CORRECTLY, check out help section and do the needed and update your profile for fast actions and payments.Moreover you can complete the offers there in and earn more bucks for free, check out there offers section if it interests you.

Abhi's Tip : Generally no one likes to give you freely, so are these sites, they will not validate your account, so shoot them a mail and they will respond for sure, fallow up and they will pay you for sure. I myself mailed some 3-4 times and then got all the payments for free!!

All these sites, ideas and coupons were shared by Manish. Do not forget to thank him for getting you $1.75 for free, THANKS a lot dude! :)

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