Hey dont have much good offers nowadays, but well was just looking at ibibo, a good site indeed which comes up with a lot of exiting features every now and then...
Well this time, it is a simple task again and if you have a large Buddy base, you will get something for sure..
All these time you used gTalk or Y! Messenger to chat with your buddies, not do the same on ibibo chat and you will start earning for doing so....... Now that's really Cool, isn't it?

So, download the messenger and start talking and don't forget to add me to your list.
My ibibo i.d is : ibibo.com/Abhishekie
To register yourself and be a part of this offer, CLICK HERE....

Not offer but two more Contests running just in case you are interested...
1) Online Talent Recognitions platform, upload your pix and you may our next "Mr or Miss World!!"

2) If you can dance well, but dint find a platform to showcase, ibibo is your chance, upload your video and get yourself choreographed by Bosco Ceaser, Click here..

[Also please share your offers/discounts/updates with me, as I am not getting much of them nowadays..]