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Now getting back to offer :

Zoomin is up with a new offer for few days, where you can buy 2 personalized mugs at the price of one. The Chai – Coffee Mugs are priced at Rs.235 and Rs.250, so you get 2 of these products at the price of one – Giving you a personalized Mug for less than Rs.150.

If interested in gifting someone, go ahead and make this purchase and while on check out use the coupon code FREEMUG and ya not to forget this offer is only upto 7th September. Go to now!

[This coupon was shared by Narendra Mundra - Thanks!]

Personal Note : I am not coming up with much offers nowadays, as I am not finding much things online, please do share with me any offers which you have and I will blog about it and help everyone!

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Get a free trial pack of diapers from a new competitor from Japan. Mamy Poko is expanding its business presence in India and just launched and as an inaugural scheme it is giving free Diapers for kids and you will just have to sms to get one for your kids/nephews/niece etc [If none other at least for anyone in your neighbor :P ]

Got this information from Delhi Times which was actually shared by Abhi Bharti – Thanks a lot buddy for that! Check out their ad here…

TO GET A FREE SAMPLE SMS : MPP and send it to 53636.

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Snapfish has come up with a limited period offer where you will get 30 PRINTS free for just signing up. Just pay the handling charges and you will get 30 free PRINTS!

The shipping charges are not quite high, but just Rs.24, and hence 30 prints cost you only Rs.28 after all the taxes and stuff, and there after Rs.2.95 per print.

What you need to do to get free snaps : If you have already registered with snapfish, you will not get free prints and hence you need to create an new account here, once you create an account upload the snaps and then the first 30 prints will be free!

Cheat : If you have 60 photos, we can create 2 accounts, as there is no limitation of accounts we create! :P

Limitation at Snapfish : Accepts only Credit Card and not even Online Banking. So, some of us may not make us of this.
I suggest, you make use of this opportunity as the offer may end up anytime. Also, this offer works only from this link and if you try to register directly you will not get those free prints, hence if like to order few prints CLICK HERE..

Also, here is an offer from ebay in association with snapfish. Get a Collage mug for Rs.99 + shipping adding to Rs.160. You will have to use coupon code “EBAYPCOFFER” while check out to get this offer only if you register at their special page, to know more about this offer – check out the ebay and snapfish promo page here..

Stay UPDATED. Subscribe to freeGyaan via : SMS Updates RSS SMS Channel freeGyaan on Orkut Twitter Updates is yet another online shop for electronic products and has products from all major brands. You can compare and chose the best product from their store, though all the products are high end stuff costing a lot, but if you want some low priced articles this Rs.250 voucher will help your pockets a lot.

Everyone who register on their site is eligible to get a voucher valid for a month, and which has a discount of Rs.250 for a minimum purchase of Rs.1000.

I myself registered on this website and received the gift coupon but it took a week to get this voucher, I dunno what took them so long to send this voucher – Also the mail was addressed to some other person but I checked the voucher code and it was working fine.

So, if interested in purchasing something at – Register and get the discount!

P.S : I have a voucher with myself and I am not using it, if anyone do not receive the voucher within time and you are looking to buy something, write to me and I will send you my voucher. Mail me at Abhishek [at]

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Here again are few more contest where you can participate to win. I keep on piling up few contest and presenting to you so that you can participate. Believe one thing, we may not win these contest but without participation we will never win!! Go ahead participate..

Maruti WOW : Guess the WOW car, Maruti Suzuki is coming up with a new car and asking you to suggest a name and 5 other question and if you are lucky you may win something (which is not mentioned there) Go ahead click here.. [This was shared by Jaspreet - Thanks buddy]

Consumer Mate : Just give your review and if its selected you win Hard disks or Microsoft mouse, you can review about Laptop, Mobile or LCD and Plasma T.V. The last time I blogged about this contest, one of the user just won it. So go ahead maybe your review may be selected this time. Click here.. [This was shared by Suresh - Thanks buddy!]

Shoppe Till U Drop : An online reward program, is offering Rs.500 vouchers to participate in an contest. Participate and wait and you may be a winner. Click here.. [This was shared by Dhawal - Thanks buddy]

Book My Khana : Register on Book my Khana, an online portal to book food online in Delhi and you could win an T-shirt, not so worth but you may give it a try on [This was again shared by Dhawal - Thanks buddy!]

Aaj ki Deals : Win Photon internet device or cash reward for taking this contest on Aaj ki Deals. All you have to do is share with your Mobile or Internet connection details. Click here.. [This was shared by Sagar here, thanks buddy!]

Nokia Lets get every one Talking : All you have to do is upload a picture and ask your friends to comment about it, basically one which Lets every one talking. And you could win Complete makeover or some Priyanka Chopra merchandise. Click here.. [This was shared by Dezul here.. Thanks buddy!]

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FutureBazaar : FB is up with a new way of providing discounts on few products. You have to spin the wheel and you get discount of that percentage which you get on your lucky wheel. These are only for few items and which has Lucky Price mark on it. Go, explore this feature and make use of additional discount. Read more about this here.. [This info was shared by Sandeep - Thanks buddy]


Indiaplaza LogoIndiaPlaza : Indiaplaza is up again with Golden Quill awards and like previous time, it is giving free discount vouchers for everyone who votes for the best book. All you have to do is vote provide your details and you will get Rs.100 discount voucher. This voucher will be redeemable against purchase of Rs.500. This discount voucher will be issued on 10th Sep and will be valid till 30th Sep. So, just vote and get that Rs.100 voucher – you may need it later. Click here.. [This info was shared by Vijay as a comment - Thanks for that buddy]

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For a limited period, travelocity is giving some good discounts on flight bookings. Make use of it now and save some amount. I am actually impressed by travelocity’s pricing and hence keep on blogging about them, also the prices are really low this time too..!

There Offers are :

Flight dealsIf 2 people : Book round trip and get Rs.1000 off.

Flight dealsIf not get Rs.150 off for traveling one way or Rs.300 for Round trip if you are booking for single person.

Flight dealsIf you are two and traveling one way you get Rs.300 off again.

In all this offer is really best if you are booking a round trip for two – as you get Rs.1000 off! Go for it. I have myself tried comparing price at different sites and found them to be really cheaper at travelocity, go for it – Click here..

Remember : These are valid only upto 24th August. Book now travel anytime!

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